how to redeem delicate

I built this blog about 11 months ago. Quietly, delicately, I shared with a small handful of people. Mr. S., a few friends who’ve always championed my writing. I leaked it through Twitter a few days later, just with a casual link here and there. Just a little personal blog, I’d say if someone asked. Just a little something, a little outlet for the creativity, I’d explain.

And the way things change. Sometimes, things change delicately. And sometimes, dramatically.

This little baby blog? This little outlet for thoughts and insights? It’s not such a baby anymore. This little corner of the web isn’t so little anymore. And it’s time I started sharing.

In this life, there’s a place for both delicate and dramatic.

Writing was my first love and, frankly, still is. Love can be strong, but look different. Love is sometimes a dramatic, shout-it-from-the-rooftops, kissing-on-park-benches kind of love. And other times, it’s a delicate, tears-in-your-eyes, fingers-touching-under-the-table kind of love.

If you’ve been around Inspiration-Driven Life awhile, you’ll notice that the layout looks a little different. Same stuff, new face.

And if you’re new here, welcome! You probably came from Facebook.

Which is where the delicate love grew to dramatic.ย 

I’ve been nervous nervous nervous about getting this blog up on Facebook. Too many friends, I feared. It’s the place where I’m connected to clients and coworkers and colleagues and high school friends and college friends and all kinds of random people I’ve met along the way.

Building this page was a big step.

This thrill, this love, it’s bigger than a blog and a Facebook page and telling people what you’re up to. It’s bigger than anonymity and lack thereof and social networks. It’s bigger than writing.

Sometimes, to love is to conquer fear. To delicately and dramatically declare.

So if you’re new, thanks for coming by. Welcome to Inspiration-Driven Life. Hope you find some encouragement and some thought and some joy.

And if you’ve been here awhile? Well, thank you. Thank you for showing up and sticking around. Friends, I need you more than ever. Cue Total Eclipse of the Heart or something, but seriously. Thank you for your delicate (and sometimes dramatic) pushes in the right direction. Thank you for showing up and reading and making this little corner of the web not so little. Love you for it.

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10 thoughts on “how to redeem delicate

    • Emily, thank you! Credit where credit is due — a dear friend helped me click around WordPress a lot this weekend and we collaborated to spiff things up. So grateful for your positive feedback! You have no clue how much it means to me.

  1. Beautiful blog, can’t wait to stick around and read more. I have friends who champion my writing too, I’m learning how to trust them, and myself.

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