inspiration-driven links, week of 6.3.12

{Inspiration-Driven Links is my weekly roundup of the web.}

Good morning, friends! I’ve found some gems online this week! Ready?

I want a Tuesday kind of love. Sometimes, on those days when marriage seems rather lackluster, we have to remember that there is beauty and treasure and rich joy in the lackluster and the everyday.

Thanks to my friend Meg for sharing this interview on mentoring with me. Every mentor I’ve had has impacted my life in a unique and important way.

On those days when we’re not quite sure if it does, Rachel reminds us that blogging really does matter. My favorite lines: “Blogging is another form of voice, of creativity, and of encouragement. For too long voices and creativity has been stifled by culture and society – so instead let’s embrace blogging, writing, creating, crafting, sewing, cooking, speaking, for what it truly is – a voice in this world.”

We’re all either Chaos Muppets or Order Muppets, says Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick. As a lover of Muppets of all kinds, I would have to agree. (Which Muppet are you? And which role do you play in relationships?)

Finally, another PBS reference: have you seen this Mr. Rogers remix? Created by PBS Digital Studios, it’s a little trippy, but a fantastic reminder of the lessons Fred shared with us as children. He taught me curiosity and imagination, two facets that I think make me who I am today. What did you learn from Mr. Rogers?

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2 thoughts on “inspiration-driven links, week of 6.3.12

  1. I watched that remix twice this week already! I can’t even list the lessons that I learned from Mr. Rogers, because I’m not sure I even realize how many there were. My personal favorite, though, was to respect not only others, but also myself and my own talents. What a guy.

    • Mutual respect — that’s a good one, Erin. I figured the love for Mr. Rogers would be yet another mutual one 🙂 Remind me, next time we chat, to discuss children’s TV shows. I bet we could have a ball reminiscing together . . .

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