on the power of words

With great power comes great responsibility.

The more I read through Proverbs, the more convinced I am that Solomon could have written that. I’m reading along with some fantastic ladies through She Reads Truth and spending a good chunk of time in this book recently. Words have power, I am convicted. Words have power to heal and power to destroy. Words have power to give and power to steal. Words have power to comfort and power to tackle.

And, friends, I’ve seen my words have both beautiful and, frankly, ugly impact this week. I fancy myself a writer, which brings with it its own dangers.

Working with words on a daily basis, we can trick ourselves into false confidence. We think, because we’re wordsmiths, that our words can do no wrong. But really, our words can do perhaps even more wrong. Destruction, even if poetic, is still destruction. This false confidence has bold power to break those I love. 

Words, whether written or spoken, must carry a heart of love and hands of encouragement behind them. Otherwise, these words are merely hollow letters.

I want my words to carry encouragement. I want my words to carry love. I want my words to carry strength and wisdom and perhaps tough love sometimes, but love ultimately.

And, more precious still, word stumbling can be redeemed in sometimes the most opposite way: quiet.

I’m learning to listen, to say less, to read more and to write less. To think, pray, reflect before I word vomit — verbally, on paper or on a screen.

Like Solomon said could have said, with great power comes great responsibility. And that’s what I’m learning about being a writer.



8 thoughts on “on the power of words

    • Heather, you’re great. Thanks for being one of the first examples I ever had of using one’s words for encouragement. xoxo

      • It’s amazing to think of the little time we spent physically in the same place yet how long we’ve been in touch…and how parallel a few aspects of our life are. God is pretty incredible!

    • Kacia! Thank you so much for visiting today! I also can’t wait for the next study. This community encouragement has been absolutely fantastic!

  1. “I want my words to carry encouragement. I want my words to carry love. I want my words to carry strength and wisdom” Yes! Thank you for putting so clearly what I have felt in my heart since starting a blog. Often, I feel badly that I dont post regularly but the reason is that I want to make sure I do so only to encourage and often I am just not there (or just too busy!)

    • Mari, I’m with you all the way! I have often felt guilt about not posting frequently enough when I look at the 24/7 online world. But fewer words can sometimes carry more weight! And friend, I treasure your words 🙂

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