inspiration-driven links, week of 5.28.12

Hey there, friends. It’s been too long since I shared some Inspiration-Driven Links with you. Today, Mr. S. and I are going to a wedding, and we can’t wait to celebrate with some fun friends. It’s an outdoor ceremony, so fingers crossed for lovely weather! Anyway, a few fantastic pieces I found this week . . .

On the origins of ketchup (my absolute favorite condiment)!

Listened to the new Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes album, Here, all week.

Sometimes I’m so busy trying to write a good story that I forget to live a good story. So I loved this call to action from Joe Bunting of The Write Practice. (Side note, I also loved A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, by Donald Miller, which is referenced in this post.)

Hilary Sherratt is a gifted writer, and post-college graduation, she’s launched her wonderful self in a new space. Go check out The Wild Love; you won’t regret it. And I recommend you begin with this post on college graduation advice. 

A sweet friend and college sorority sister launched a darling online shop called Brookside Craft. This concept is brilliant and I can’t wait to see it grow!

Jo (from A Cup of Jo), like me and Mr. S., has no backyard or porch or outdoor space. But she and her husband started a fantastic date tradition of wine on the fire escape. Mr. S. and I have a little set of steps out behind our place and I’m inspired. Stay tuned . . . I have a feeling we’ll make this a date night tradition of our own!

What’s the best thing you’ve read this week?

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