allow me to introduce you . . .

. . to my newest friends, the Chacos.

After 24-ish months of watching Mr. S. wear them and love them, and then a few months agonizing over researching on the Chaco website, plus a little Twitter Q&A with happy Chaco owners, I finally bought a pair of my own.

A few things held me back. First, the price tag. $100 for sandals is nothing to sneeze at. But eight days in? Absolutely worth every last dime.

And then the strap arranging. Unlike my other footwear friends — flip flops — these seemed like a bit of a science project to adjust.

So, naturally, I asked Mr. S. to lend a hand. Do it yourself, he said. It will make you smarter.

The verdict is still out on whether I’m smarter or not, but I’ve been tweaking the straps each day for optimum comfy-ness.

And my final fluster . . . how/with what/where do I wear them?

Fashion challenges, for me, are just that: challenges. So I tend to pick forgiving pieces. Sarah circa 1998 chose corduroy overalls (yikes). Sarah circa 2012 chooses things like skirts and cardigans and dresses that need little dressing up. Life is tough enough without being nervous about attire, know what I mean?

The most pleasant surprise is how these Chacos match with so many things. Not matchy-matchy and that’s a good thing. Although I’m still taking suggestions, friends. When you Google “how to style Chacos,” not much comes up. So far, I’ve loved them with jersey skirts, casual dresses, shorts and t-shirts. Any other ideas?

I have a feeling these new sandals will be making many appearances this summer. They’ve already taken me on a mini roadtrip, down city streets, to the zoo and out for an evening.

Do you have a pair? What’s the weirdest/coolest item in your wardrobe that has been a pleasant surprise?


7 thoughts on “allow me to introduce you . . .

  1. My husband LOVES his Chacos. They have been to China twice and now Thailand. I have yet to get my own pair but maybe one day!

    • Liz, I love that your husband’s Chacos have gotten use on international terrain! 🙂 And thanks for visiting today!

  2. i’ve never had a pair of chacos, but i did find last summer that one of the most versatile pairs of shoes i have are my four inch purple heels. i have worn them so much this year!

  3. OH, I’m going to have to look into these. I am in desperate need of a good pair of sandals! thank you!
    A few months back, I got a steal on a pair of patent leather mary jane shoes from Land’s End. They were $6 with free shipping and I had a gift card there, so I didn’t have to spend a dime! My husband said it was still a waste as I would never wear shiny shoes and don’t own a pair of mary janes 😉 just didn’t seem like me.

    but they are the most comfortable things I’ve ever had on my feet. I rarely take them off! and I get so many compliments on them… what a surprise!

    • LOVE it when bargains end up being comfortable and stylish at the same time! That’s a fun way to try new things!!

  4. Love Chacos! I’ve had mine for over four years now, and they’re still as good as new — just pop ’em in the dishwasher when they need a wash.

    I’d never even noticed Chacos ’til I worked as a counselor at a Christian summer camp in Texas, where almost everyone had a pair. (My friends and I joke they’re “the Christian shoe.”) For my 20th birthday, all my friends chipped in and bought me a pair in time for my second summer at camp. Makes me love my Chacos even more! 🙂

  5. Sarah.. I’m procrastinating homework and reading your blog and I just came across this post! I got Chacos to wear in Texas this summer (they’re really popular in the south).. and I LOVE them! Especially the chacho tan line that comes with 🙂

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