on finding abundance in the calm

These days, Mr. S. and I call a college town and its sister our community. Now that most students have vanished, to hometowns and summer internships and study abroad trips, things are different.

Slower. Calmer. Emptier. The flood is over and the sea is free of waves.

I noticed this en route to a coffee shop this morning. Parking was plentiful and there was no line for the drip Guatemalan blend. A dozen outlets waited for my MacBook cord, and I even stole an extra chair for my bag.

In the middle of all of life’s chaos, we often say we crave solitude, don’t we? We say we crave calm. We say we seek placidity. We say we just want things to slow down.

And when it’s there . . . when the calm is present, the sky is clear and the air is fresh . . . maybe I just speak for myself, but what an unexpected note of empty.

And I hope I haven’t sought out space for no good reason. I don’t want this rest to be hollow. Bottom line? If calm arrives, I want it to be a fruitful calm.

We seek a peace in which I can rest and grow. I want to use this season to prep my soul and my heart for what is to come. 

I want to sip slowly and savor life’s bites. To pore over instead of skimming. To breathe deeply, banish the shallow.

You too? 

Back in January, I chose connect for my word for 2012. So far this year, I’ve learned what dichotomy exists within connect . . .

On one end of connect, we ferociously network and shake hands and tweet-tweet-tweet and rarely blink.
On the other end of connect, it’s hands folded and eyes to the sky and seeking inward to read our hearts.

No surprise here: I live on the ferocious side of connect. It can be fruitful, in a way. But as summer approaches, I want to reach deeply towards the calmer side. Living an inspiration-driven life is seeking your purpose and pursuing it passionately and building an effervescently strong community. But it also means resting within the season. 

Moving into this sweet, warm summer season . . .I attempt a softer, richer kind of connect. Join me?

3 thoughts on “on finding abundance in the calm

  1. It’s always when I’m not searching for the connections but rather relaxing in the security of my own peace that I find the richest ties, perhaps because they are born from a pressure-less time. Perhaps because I’m not trying…and they’re not trying…it makes those connections all the more genuine.

  2. I’m traveling this week for a business conference. I have found that it’s hard for me to not connect via social media and email. I pull out my iPhone often, check Facebook, email, messages, etc. Yet I have been waking up early each morning (thanks in part to a two-hour time change) and I’ve had time to go outside for quiet time, and soaking in the beauty of God’s creation in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. I don’t ever want to be so busy with social connections that I forget to connect with the One to whom I owe my life.


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