on growing and commitment

Today, I got into a bit of marriage small talk with a client. Nothing too serious, just chatting about daily things. She’s been divorced and re-married and brings a fantastic perspective to all of it.

Sometimes it’s crazy difficult, I admitted to her.

But I wouldn’t want to walk through it with anyone but him, I said.

So this marriage is for the long haul? she asked. Absolutely, I told her.

She beamed and gave me a hug. I just love that! she said. You’re going to grow and it will be beautiful.

(Obviously, I hugged her back.)

This, friends, was precisely what we all need to hear. In every struggle we face, marriage or not, we’re going to grow. And it will be beautiful.

With a lot of grace and a little gumption, we’re all growing.

And we’re usually growing in ways we never expected and would never have guessed.  But it will be beautiful.

As I drove home from the meeting, I realized that attitude ought to extend beyond marriage. Commitment is undervalued in our society. Change is okay, and at the same time, commitment is so important.

Within commitment, growth can happen. Potential can be reached. Beauty is celebrated.

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14 thoughts on “on growing and commitment

  1. Oh, I love your friend’s reply! Yes- marriage is a grow-you-kind of commitment. And from it beauty blooms. I love how God loves us too much to leave us as we are. Growing us is just His way of loving us!

  2. yes. this fighting through the hard. it makes the reward all the sweeter and the person by your side much more than just a partner. but a part of you.

    • Amen, Tara. I really like how you said that, more than just a partner but a part of you. Beautiful way to put it!

  3. Lovely!
    Oh that we would all take up that mantle of godly encouragement – – – and sow seeds of love, and hope!

  4. Yes, commitment is so undervalued in our society that loves a fast food answer to everything. Growing is hard, but beautiful. Yes, so true. I love that I have a hubby to grow with.

    • Dionne, thank you for visiting today! Oh yes, we just crave those fast food answers, don’t we! Growth is hard and beautiful.

  5. Wise words, Sarah. I agree there isn’t enough committment in the world today. My husband and I will celebrate our 28th anniversary next month. Things haven’t always been easy – sickness, financial problems, family issues, etc. But through all these things, our marriage has grown stronger.


    • Joan, thank you so much for stopping by! I love to hear (and NEED to hear) from couples who have been married for a bit and have grown stronger through the messes. Thank you for this.

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