what does and does not change the world.

If you follow the news, you’ve undoubtedly read about what happened yesterday in North Carolina. You’ve probably also heard about what took place in Washington, D.C., today. Weeks earlier, you heard about the goings-on in Florida. There’s this other debacle between a nighttime TV show and an airline. And partisanship is only about to get much worse.

What all these current events have in common: everyone’s got an opinion.

Opinions can be beautiful things. An opinion is the kid sister of a belief — and beliefs can either strengthen or shatter this world. Like Vaseline on a lens, talking heads and politics can sometimes fog up our vision.

What does not change the world

Disrespectful fighting
Wars of words
Fiery statements
Hateful posts via social media
Poster boards without action behind them
Fearful cowering
An empty Kumbaya
An empty “why can’t we all just get along”
Politics in the name of argument
Writing — rants and inflammatory statements
Rushing to conclusions
Choosing your stance because someone told you to
Choosing your stance based on elephants and donkeys

What does change the world

Respectful disagreements
Bridges of words
Thought-provoking and uplifting posts via social media
Thinking big
Thinking for yourself
Seeking wisdom
Knowing when to close our mouths and bow our heads
Knowing when to open our mouths and choosing those words with care
Coming to conclusions slowly, after much thought
Tranquil sharing of ideas
Fearless dreaming
Taking steps towards all getting along
Writing — planned, well-thought writing
Letting all that we do be done in love

Where you stand often carries less weight. Sometimes, how you stand matters more.

3 thoughts on “what does and does not change the world.

  1. Now a days if you express your opinion, the population thinks you are discriminating against them. And if you bring religion into the topics…watch out! Everyone likes to voice their opinion, but if you don’t agree with them, then you are judgemental. Geeze! I don’t get it. You can give an opinion without being discriminating and judgemental. It’s just how you think/feel/believe based on your morals and ethics. Get a grip, people!

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