five minute friday: real

On my first visit to Disney World, my parents took me on this ride called Journey Into Imagination at Epcot Center. The star? A lovable, purple dragon-dinosaur hybrid named Figment. A singsong melody echoed throughout. I was three, and this was all totally fascinating to me.

None of it was real, my parents were quick to mention. That’s what imagination means, they taught me: not real.

The line between imaginary and real is a fine line. And we desperately need them both in this world.

Imagination gets a bad rap sometimes. To imagine is to dream. To imagine is to step beyond the grips of society’s sobriety. To imagine is to make plans and set goals. To imagine is to consider not just what’s good, but what might be better. To imagine is to use our gifts well. To imagine is to build. To imagine is to think creatively. To imagine is to love others enough to stretch our minds.

Those who imagine aren’t those with their heads in the clouds. Rather, they see what’s real and beautiful. Imagination is not a disregard for reality. Rather, imagination is taking the real concept and fearlessly enhancing.

Imagining is . . .
Seeing the beauty in what’s real.
Seeing the potential in what’s real.
Seeing the purpose in what’s real.

So let’s exercise our imagination, and then make what we imagine real.

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A privilege again to link up with The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. This week’s prompt was real.


4 thoughts on “five minute friday: real

    • Mary Beth, glad you stopped by today! I echo that: the older we get, the less we’re encouraged to imagine and dream big. And it’s a shame because the world needs our neat ideas and bold curiosity.

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