Posted in May 2012

the beginning and end of everything.

the beginning and end of everything.

Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? This speaks to something bigger and more glorious than a call-me-maybe crush. It’s brows furrowed in determination and hands clasped if only in spirit and love way past flesh. All due respect to Mr. Fitzgerald; what he has written is compelling and beautiful and entertaining and stimulating and challenging. The … Continue reading

allow me to introduce you . . .

allow me to introduce you . . .

. . to my newest friends, the Chacos. After 24-ish months of watching Mr. S. wear them and love them, and then a few months agonizing over researching on the Chaco website, plus a little Twitter Q&A with happy Chaco owners, I finally bought a pair of my own. A few things held me back. … Continue reading

five minute friday: Opportunity

Opportunity shows up and looks us in the face every day. We have two choices. The first: to turn away as we mutter an excuse. The second: to accept it and dive in with our whole hearts. (Insert Friday Night Lights reference here: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.) Mr. S. moved here in August … Continue reading

we are treasured.

In the middle of all that is crazy, busy, overwhelming, far-too-much, falling apart, cannot-handle-this . . . we close our eyes and fold our hands and remember. We are infinitely loved and remarkably cherished. Beautifully, wonderfully made. And treasured beyond compare.

on finding abundance in the calm

These days, Mr. S. and I call a college town and its sister our community. Now that most students have vanished, to hometowns and summer internships and study abroad trips, things are different. Slower. Calmer. Emptier. The flood is over and the sea is free of waves. I noticed this en route to a coffee … Continue reading

like that mitten i’m forever losing: perspective

Good morning, friends. Today is either going to be remarkable or ridiculous because of how little sleep  I scored last night. No major crisis, just one of those nights with eyes unbearably wide open. So that means admiration if this rocks and grace if it doesn’t, okay? Perspective. MAINTAIN PERSPECTIVE, I sometimes shout to myself. … Continue reading

how to shrink your focus.

On Monday, I sat down with what I considered such ripe writing fruit. Creativity. Friends, I had this huge-fantastic-neat Creativity Week planned out. Mind maps, calendars, fun headlines, the works. But when I sat down to write . . . nothing.  And the irony! It’s creativity, Sarah. So where’s my creativity? I lost the creativity … Continue reading

on growing and commitment

Today, I got into a bit of marriage small talk with a client. Nothing too serious, just chatting about daily things. She’s been divorced and re-married and brings a fantastic perspective to all of it. Sometimes it’s crazy difficult, I admitted to her. But I wouldn’t want to walk through it with anyone but him, … Continue reading

giving up on good, the hair edition

Hayley and Jessi have a new Thursday thing going: Giving up on Good. The premise? We all need margin, we all need to make choices and we can’t do it all. Here’s something good that I’ve given up recently, in order to make way for better. Puberty transformed my hair from silky, not-too-thin/not-too-thick blonde locks … Continue reading

what does and does not change the world.

If you follow the news, you’ve undoubtedly read about what happened yesterday in North Carolina. You’ve probably also heard about what took place in Washington, D.C., today. Weeks earlier, you heard about the goings-on in Florida. There’s this other debacle between a nighttime TV show and an airline. And partisanship is only about to get … Continue reading