inspiration-driven links, week of 4.22.12

I love the blogs and read too much good material to keep to myself. Here are a few of the gems I’ve happened upon this week . . . 

C.S. Lewis on the Dirty Secret of Language, by Joe Bunting on The Write Practice. Grammar rules are made to be broken, he writes. And as a grammar ninja myself, I respect and love this.

New Baby Taco Box (via Cup of Jo) on The Kitchn. Take away the “new baby” part and you’ve got a recipe for anyone who needs a little love in the midst of transition. Tuck this idea away for all the times you could give this gift . . . new baby, obviously, but moving, new job, sad days, congratulations, etc. etc. . . .

The Good and Real Career, by the always-wonderful Jess on Makeunder My Life. Such wisdom: “As long as you are using whatever you are doing to better the day of someone else, then that is purpose in action.”

Wine Slushies (also from The Kitchn) will be making an appearance at an upcoming dinner party. The very idea of wine slushies toes the line between decadent and totally fun, don’t you think?

The fantastic Jenn Adams hosted a beautiful series this week, called Women, Their God and Their Struggles. I was honored to participate on Friday, but I highly recommend the pieces before mine. What a collection! God does big things, friends.

And just because . . . 10 of the cutest puppy videos on YouTube. You, friends, are welcome.


3 thoughts on “inspiration-driven links, week of 4.22.12

  1. I know I already told you how much I enjoyed your “perfection and Tinkerbell” post, but I wanted to let you know that I sent the link along to my family (we are pretty much a bunch of perfectionists) and it really resonated with all of them too. Thanks again for the beautiful post.

  2. Sarah, I can I tell you again how honored I am that you participated in Women, Their God, and Their Struggles?! I am. Thanks for sharing your heart- it touched mine!

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