inspiration-driven links: week of 4.15.12

So much good stuff out there, friends. SO MUCH. Here are a few gems I happened upon this week . . .

Find the other crazy people (The Tiny Twig) — finding others who are just as passionate as we are enhances what we’re setting out to do. It’s a community, simply put.

The one big reason I want to quit writing (Chatting at the Sky) — “The number one reason I have been tempted to quit writing is because sometimes I’m afraid I love it too much. Love makes people do crazy things.” Me too, Emily. Me too.

Do you want it? Do it. (It’s the Idea – Sarah Mae) — A bold call to action when you know what you want.

Are you in this for the long haul? (Rachelle Gardner) — Advice for writers who want to keep writing . . . but also so applicable for anyone who’s into their own craft for the long haul.

You? Best things you’ve read this week?

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