five minute friday: Together


I’m a big fan of the online newsmagazine Slate. So I seized the opportunity on Wednesday evening to witness the live podcasting of the weekly Political Gabfest. There’s a segment at the end called cocktail chatter and each participant shares something you’d discuss, obviously, over cocktails. Lighter stuff. Emily Bazelon mentioned a fascinating This American Life interview she’d recently heard with Steve Blass.

The namesake Steve Blass Disease is a condition where a professional athlete just chokes suddenly and, inexplicably, loses control. Emily mentioned that she plays tennis in her free time and participated in some doubles matches with a local league. A common refrain she heard in doubles matches: Pick me up.

It’s teamwork at its finest, really — when one of us misses the ball or botches something up, our teammates simply pick us up. Our own downfall represents our teammates’ opportunity to rise to the challenge for the good of all. Together.

In rallying when one of our own is down, we identify and carry and connect. We get humble and love big and do it together.

Oh, friends, that’s together. That’s community. That’s a life well lived.

Pleased once again to link up with Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama. Today’s prompt was together.


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