under the weather, but i’ll be back.

Friends, I am way under the weather these days. Don’t worry, nothing serious — just a little cold/cough thing that grew into a big one. Pardon the crickets over here for the past few days.

For now, I’m focusing on resting and working, in that order. And hey, in addition to the Amoxicillin I’m on, any home remedies for a cold/cough/ear thing would be so appreciated.

But in just a little while, I’ll be ready to roll once again. To pique your interest, I’m looking forward to sharing a fantastic inspiration-driven kitchen post (ham!), what is missing in our conversations about millenials and why we should pay more attention to our compass than our speedometers in marriage.

In the meantime, check out some of my greatest hits?

About being honest with others when we talk about marriage

On community and why it matters

Stop waiting to be beautiful and start owning your beauty today

A kick in the pants if you need to get moving on your life

In the famous words of Mr. Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back.

(image via wikia.com)


10 thoughts on “under the weather, but i’ll be back.

    • Erin, friend, thanks. You know the love/hate relationship I have with resting . . . but once I do rest, it is oh-so good!

    • Stephanie, I re-read that post this morning and just cherish it even more each time I read. Funny what even a tiny blog hiatus can do to my blogging confidence . . . and so your encouragement was JUST what I needed to get back into the swing! Thanks!

  1. Sorry, girl! I’ve been fighting a throat/ear/fever mess. I found a home remedy that worked wonders for me. It’s warm water with honey and lemon juice. Oh my goodness. I feel so much better today. My throat is still sore, but I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Lemon and honey and cinnamon all have healing properties. “They” say lemon is a cancer preventative. Just throwing that out there. Hope you feel better!

    • Jen, I love the warm water + lemon + honey combo as well! It’s just like a warm bath for your throat, isn’t it? Thanks for the recommendation!

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