how the sweater with holes taught me redemption

I arrived at work yesterday with what felt like a spiderweb on my leg. And I was wrong, thankfully; it was a thread from my skirt, hanging all the way down to my left toe.

Minutes after I snipped the thread with my trusty scissors, the hem itself began to unravel. What a hot mess I am, I said to myself.

And to humble myself further, this camel colored sweater of mine has, I discovered, three thumb-sized holes where it meets my hip. (Moths?)


This is life. This is real, less-than-glamorous life.

Halfway through a meeting that morning, I scratched my elbow. And I discovered three more holes there.

Again, this is life.

In some small way, the sweater and the skirt reminds me of where I am these days — not always quite where I want to be. Not the rock star I hope I am. Not the best wife-friend-worker-writer-consultant-blogger-daughter-sister-anything.

And I’m not the best. But I am okay. Because of Christ, I am okay. Holes and unraveling hem and all.

Inside and outside, we are imperfect. Sometimes, the more I strive for perfect, the further from it I stand.

On days like this, I must remember . . . imperfect is good. Beautiful. Just right. God’s will. To be cherished.


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