Posted in April 2012

when God’s just not done yet

What is it about sharing our stories that’s so raw? So real? No matter what you believe, it’s hard to argue with a personal story when we hear one. Have you ever heard of cardboard testimonies? With a permanent marker and a blank poster, a story of redemption is told. One side of the poster … Continue reading

on perfection and Tinkerbell (guest post)

Hey there. I’m Sarah, and all I want is to be perfect. Yes, I’ve uttered those words. Yes, I’ve shared that story. Yes, I’ve confessed: I just want to be perfect. I loved the Disney Princesses when I was little, coming of age with Ariel especially. But Tinkerbell? Well, she was the rockstar with all … Continue reading

thirsty & empty cup.

Thirsty. Like when the room is dark but the alarm clock glows green. And it’s three-something a.m.; minutes tick by, rapidly. My mind races rapidly and I swallow hard and remember that I am thirsty. Out of bed; into the kitchen. Not wearing my contacts and the light is off, so when I pour water, … Continue reading

on waiting (wish I’d written it myself)

I usually save the best things I’ve read for a weekend roundup, and I call it Inspiration-Driven Links. But this one, ironically, just couldn’t wait. A dear friend loved me well when she forwarded me a link to Michael Hyatt‘s What to Do While You are Waiting. Credit where credit is due — it’s on … Continue reading

five minute friday: Together

Together. I’m a big fan of the online newsmagazine Slate. So I seized the opportunity on Wednesday evening to witness the live podcasting of the weekly Political Gabfest. There’s a segment at the end called cocktail chatter and each participant shares something you’d discuss, obviously, over cocktails. Lighter stuff. Emily Bazelon mentioned a fascinating This American … Continue reading

how to heal the millennial soul, part two.

(Part One) Like I said, there’s something missing from our conversations about the millennial generation — what is all this unsettledness doing to our souls? They say one key trait of the millennial generation is entitlement. We want everything, think we’re capable of everything. Entitlement + An unsettled feeling = A very jealous soul. In … Continue reading

how to heal the millennial soul, part one.

how to heal the millennial soul, part one.

There’s a certain irony when we read stories about ourselves. When a teacher reads a news story about gaps in the nation’s education system, for example. Or when a chef reviews a piece on culinary trends. It’s ironic because we insert narratives and ditties and personal tales as we read. Sometimes we nod in furious agreement, … Continue reading