It lands in my inbox at about 5 pm. Cleverly timed, I might add. Probably the time when work feels dreariest for many. Probably the time when the hands of the clock tick slowest, agonizingly so. That scene in so many sitcoms when quitting time is painfully close comes to mind.

The email is from “LivingSocial Escapes.” And not to knock LivingSocial, one of the many daily deal sites out there . . . but there’s something eery about that word escape.

Escape . . .
from imprisonment.
from a burning building. 
from capture.
from danger.
from terror.

Escape implies an altogether get-outta-here. It’s called an escape when we flee from peril.

Life has its challenges, sure. And yeah, it’s just clever marketing.

But if we’re living the kind of life that requires an all-out escape . . . then maybe it’s time for a change or two.


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