inspiration-driven links, week of 3.19.12

And just like that, “best things I’ve read” becomes “inspiration-driven links.”

I love blogs and read so much good content that I can’t help but share it. Every weekday, I tweet a link to something outstanding I’ve read. I call it “best thing I’ve read today,” and here’s the collection. Typically, I have five — one for each day. But it’s been a bit of a week and my tweeting has gotten sloppy. Grace?

Five ways to fuel creativity. I especially love the third tip: Branch out.

Broken. And yet, in the same moment, still very strong and very whole.

Everything on Suri’s Burn Book makes me laugh. She’s sassy, that Suri.

On owning our failures and being faithful in the little things. (Killer convicting.)

How to find God in the messes, by the eloquent Ann Voskamp.

Found something good yourself? Share it!


4 thoughts on “inspiration-driven links, week of 3.19.12

    • Yes! Just found Prodigal Magazine this week and it’s already a favorite. Melissa, I so wish I were still in Chicago so I could meet you and the other fantastic bloggers from the community! We’ll have to connect next time I’m visiting my family 🙂

      • Yes, that would be great! Bethany and I connected through the blog world and got to meet a few months ago… so fun to meet “blog friends” in “real life” 🙂 If you are ever in Chicago, shoot me an email!

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