friday . . . habits & giveaway winner

I had several challenging, career-impacting internships as a college student, and each was a blessing in its own unique and sometimes bizarre way. The lessons I learned at my first jobs still impact how I work today.

On my first day as an intern at a newspaper, I wasn’t asked if I wanted coffee. I wasn’t asked how I take my coffee. Yet I found myself with a steaming mug of black-as-ebony coffee on my desk. I hated it, but kept drinking it. A habit was formed without even knowing it. Today, black is my favorite way to drink coffee.

As an intern at an ad agency, I was quickly indoctrinated into the Friday afternoon “beer thirty” tradition. 3:30, every Friday, no exceptions: the drinks were flowing. Some, especially those on a deadline, drank at their desk while working. Others, if the day was nice, would gather on the back patio of the office. Not everyone drank, but most took a break from work and socialized. No, beer thirty is not a weekly tradition today (one can hope). But when life provides me the opportunity? I’ll take it!

So here I am, Friday afternoon. And I can’t send you a cocktail over the Internet, but I can send you a love letter. It’s about coloring, art and our purpose in this world. Check it out.

In other news, excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway! LANA, you’re the winner! To Lana, an inspiration-driven life “means finding new ways to serve others, build people up & pour out the love of Christ to loved ones & strangers alike.” Well-said, Lana. Friend, I’ll send you an email to get the details on where to send the stationery and gift card! Thanks to all who entered.

Love you all, friends. Enjoy the weekend! . . . Maybe with a little Saturday edition of beer thirty? 🙂


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