eye of the don’t stop believing tiger, or I think I can.

I have this playlist that alternates between Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. For simplicity’s sake, the playlist is called eye of the don’t stop believing tiger. I put the playlist on repeat on days when much lies ahead and I’m feeling weak. Days like today.

The playlist’s alternate title? I think I can. Like The Little Engine that Could.

The other engines said no when asked to carry the freight. They were bigger, bolder, stronger, so much more capable. But the task was left to the Little Engine. I think I can I think I can I think I can, he said. And he climbed the mountain. Not painlessly, not without effort, not without doubt. Not without strife, not without struggle, not without sweat.

If the experience had been a snap for the Little Engine, the story may as well have been titled The Little Engine that Did Something Obvious and Easy. Frankly, the story would have been boring and not worth telling.

In our darkest of dark . . . in our most difficult of difficulties . . . there is faith and hope that God is good. There is faith and hope that from difficult moments comes sweet fruit. There is faith and hope that He can and will redeem even the most broken of broken.

Tears pour and we must we must we must preach to ourselves: With Christ, I think I can.

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Life: Unmasked

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11 thoughts on “eye of the don’t stop believing tiger, or I think I can.

  1. I have such a tough time discerning when I’m working in my own strength and when I’m leaning on the power of Jesus. I pray you find his strength today.

    • Joy, thank you for visiting today! God has provided, in unexpected ways, quite the strength I’ve needed this week. Amen.

  2. reminds me of a story that’s become a favorite of mine. the story of gideon, the least in the family — of the weaknest clan . . . and God calls him a mighty warrior! . . .
    but through the story i am reminded that it’s not what i have or don’t have that matters, but WHO GOD IS that matters. gideon’s strength was in recognizing his inadequacy — so that his sufficiency would be found in Christ.
    a lesson i am relearning every. single. hour.
    (mhmm, in Christ, i think i can, i think i can . . . )

    • Tanya, absolutely! Gideon without a doubt. Now that’s a story I ought to spend time in. So grateful, friend, for your thoughts here.

    • They’re always welcome šŸ™‚ Since I no longer have my own set of kiddos, I’d love to inspire yours indirectly!

      And you know full well what role Eye of the Tiger plays.

  3. Yes, I live this “I think I can” life some times. I am thankful that He reminds me that with Him, I don’t have to think I can. He tells me you can or you cannot. And He gives the strength for me to do what He’s decided is best for me. And He lightens the load… Blessings.

    • Love that, friend! You’re making me reflect more here. Hadn’t even considered that angle, but you’re absolutely right — with Christ, He tells us we can and that is that. No “think I can.” Joyful stuff to consider.

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