five minute friday: Brave


Sometimes, brave looks loud. It’s big, it’s obvious, it shows up unexpectedly but with much fanfare. Brave is a lion — brave can roar, brave can growl and brave can pounce. Brave causes commotion, creates an uproar. Braves sees what is wrong and actively, aggressively fights to right it. Brave is loud, shout-it-from-the-rooftops love. Brave drives forward and musters its might and is loud, loud, loud.

Sometimes, brave looks quiet. Sometimes, brave is strength in the weakness and light in the darkness. Sometimes, brave is a cheetah, swift without a sound. Brave is hanging on by a thread but still hanging on. Brave tiptoes forward with a quiet, undettered focus. Brave is behind-the-scenes, steadfast love. Brave sometimes is a deep breath and a swiping away of tears. Brave sometimes moves past noise and is strong in its poised silence.

Brave is where our inner roar meets our inner silence. Brave is when our strong meets our meek. Brave is where our muscles meet our bones. Brave is when our inner lion meets our inner cheetah. 

Love linking up on Fridays with The Gypsy Mama and Five Minute Friday. Today’s prompt was brave.

Oh and hey . . . I’m really excited about Monday and you should be too. Make sure to come back for blog post #100! 

Photo credits: both through Creative Commons.
– Lions at Lincoln Park Zoo. 1900. Part of the Illinois Urban Landscapes Project:
– Hunting Mode. Cheetah / Gepard (Acinonyx jubatus). Sweetwaters game reserve/Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, Africa.


9 thoughts on “five minute friday: Brave

  1. I love this word picture, and I think of a friend who shared her pain vulnerably, of places I’m wrestling to be brave, and both these ideas really resonate: a beautiful tension.

  2. Brave is behind-the-scenes…that one was my favorite.
    Wonderful post, Sarah! loved every minute of it. what an insightful description of such a broad word.
    And NO WAY! I would have had no idea you were only nearing 100 posts! guess what….I think I’ll hit post 100 on TUESDAY! 🙂
    Hugs to you, friend.
    all for Him,

  3. “Sometimes, brave looks quiet.” I think so too. This quiet bravery is sometimes overlooked, but it is bravery nonetheless. When Christ stood before Pilate and His mockers, He quietly and bravely endured their scorn. With quiet bravery, He submitted to His Father’s plan.

    Great post on “brave,” Sarah!

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