stop waiting for beautiful.

There’s a patch of soil between our parking lot and our building. Dead leaves from last fall and twigs and even a little trash cover it like a blanket.

This place is far from ideal for a flower to grow. And yet.

And yet, among the leaves and twigs and who-knows-what, the glorious collection of flowers has grown. Its surroundings and circumstances didn’t matter. These yellow lilies are all the more beautiful, perhaps, because they are unanticipated and unexpected in this ground. The lilies didn’t wait; they are beautiful today.

What am I waiting for?

This fear creeps in when I glance in the mirror. (You too?) In the desperation of the everyday, we women question.

Am I . . .
beautiful enough?
cute enough?
captivating enough?
adorable enough?
sexy enough?
attractive enough?
simply enough? 

When the answer is anything but yes, we force ourselves into the waiting game. We’re pressing pause on our lives. We’re waiting, halting, stopping.

Today, I am forced to ask myself: waiting for what?

Waiting for . . . my waist to get skinnier . . . my boobs to get bigger . . . my skin to get clearer . . . my makeup skills to get better . . . my curls to get bouncier . . . my abs to get flatter . . . my ___ to get ___.

If we’re being honest, we’re waiting for perfect.

And I realize, in a fit of rage and realization, that I am waiting my life away. What would life look like – and how could the world change – if I lived today like I was my most beautiful?  

And in our waiting, we are missing. When I embrace what is wrong about me, I cannot embrace what is right about me.

Today, I am a treasure. Today, you are a treasure.

What if I lived life like a fearfully and wonderfully made creation? What if I carried myself well because I’m a treasure, not because I’m faking the confidence and I’m just acting the part? What if I stopped waiting and started living?

What if I stopped waiting and started treasuring, loving, celebrating who I am today?

Beautiful because you have a purpose. Beautiful because you have meaning. Beautiful because you play a role. Beautiful because you are — we are — alive.

Stop waiting for beautiful. Start living, Beautiful, today.

A privilege to link up with the Solo Dei Gloria Sisterhood and Write it, Girl! today.

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25 thoughts on “stop waiting for beautiful.

  1. This is so true, and I can relate from the perspective of motherhood. I wait for my girls to sleep through the night, to be out of diapers, to ride a bike solo…until I realize I’ve spent more time looking ahead than I have enjoying the moment God has given me today. I’m off to color with crayons…thanks for the reminder.


  2. What a great sentiment for all us moms! We do spend too much time waiting for the moment or to be more beautiful or whatever.
    Fearfully and wonderfully made. We read those words over and over again, and I think their familiarity can make us blind to them.
    Thanks for opening my eyes today!

  3. You are so right. I just came from a silent retreat weekend and that was one message God sent to my heart. His grace is sufficient and HE is enough. He told me to quit carrying burdens that didn’t help me and to let go. Looks like your message too. Thanks for sharing

  4. You bless me so, friend.
    Striving with you.
    Today, I will be my beautiful self, living in His beautiful grace. All for Him.
    What a blessing!
    Thank you for stirring my heart.
    Hugs to you ~ Nikki

  5. “What would life look like – and how could the world change –if I lived today like I was my most beautiful?”
    Ah, such a great question. Living today as the fearfully and wonderfully made creation I am would have praiseful effects on me and others around me. Beautiful and provoking words, Sarah!

  6. “What would life look like – and how could the world change – if I lived today like I was my most beautiful?” Love it.

    I have found an interesting paradox. The more confident I become, the more humble I can be. When I am worried about my appearance, my achievements, my whatever, it keeps my focus on me. When I let go of those things, I can focus on others. C.S. Lewis said, “Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, it is thinking of ourselves less.”

    We can’t afford to wait for perfect.

    • Stephanie, that’s just a fantastic quote. Thanks so much for your wisdom! I am learning slowly that being confident and being others-centered really can go hand in hand.

    • Exactly! Same for hospitality, wait for the house to be perfectly clean and you’ll never invite anyone over. Invite someone over to your messy home, you spend your whole time thinking about the mess and neglect paying attention to your guests!!
      The C.S. Lewis quote is a perfect definition of humility!

  7. I think the yellow “lilies” are actually crocus! They really do come up anywhere, some of my favorite spring flowers!

  8. There seems to be a theme to this day! Wow… even on the day I wrote about listening to truth. My son wanted to take pictures of me by the lake and I had to stop myself from asking him to wait until I lose some weight. Ha! Poor kid. Imagine his horror if I had actually said it! Imagine what my daughter would have learned. Yep, I think waiting hinders more than ourselves. Good post! Thanks for stopping by my spot! Hope to see you around.

  9. I love this line…”waiting my life away”. No, I don’t want to wait my life away!! So what am I waiting for?

    I love that you took a picture of something unexpected — the flower in an unexpected place — to remind us of God’s truth.

    Glad I stopped by today.

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  12. “…if I lived today like I was my most beautiful?” Oh wow! I can’t help but to wonder…can I really live today like I was my most beautiful? These words spoke right to my heart. LOVELY! You have a beautiful blog Sarah. I’m enjoying exploring.

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