best things i’ve read: week of 3.5.12

Hello, dear friends! I love blogs and read so much good content that I can’t help but share it. Every weekday, I tweet a link to something outstanding I’ve read. I call it “best thing I’ve read today,” and here’s the collection.

Monday: When should you quit your dream?, by Jon Acuff. The short answer is, never. Keep working, keep working, keep working.

Tuesday: When you’re in love, by Modern Reject. There’s a twist, and a convicting one at that.

Wednesday: A Very Simple Post, by Sarah Markley. Simplicity is strangely complicated, and Sarah waxes poetic about how we might get to the place “where God’s pleasure and my pleasure intersect.”

Thursday: On what it means to be a successful Christian, by Emily Wierenga (Imperfect Prose). She beautifully convicts us that in our darkest, most difficult, most exhausted moments we are not alone and in fact, we are doing exactly our calling.

Friday: One thing that changes life, by Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky). Goosebumps. “Let the dying moments remind us where to find the living.”

Your turn. What’s the best thing you’ve read this week? Or maybe the best thing you’ve written this week, so we can read it? Please, share!


One thought on “best things i’ve read: week of 3.5.12

  1. I read a lot of great things this week! Among my favorites were:
    Jeff Goins: My Biggest Writing Struggle. Love the humility and real life in this one.
    Addie Zimmerman: Communion. I think I could quote many lines from this one. Loved it’s authentic portrayal of hurt that was still filled with hope.
    Ann Voskamp: When your Lent Sort of Stinks. I’m doing a fast from sweets this year, so this really resonated with me.
    Kurt Willems: The Prayer of Sir Francis Drake. (This actually inspired me to post the prayer on my blog too. It’s so powerful.
    And honestly, I’m not just saying this, I really loved your post on mice and overcoming fear 🙂 I’ve been feeling a bit paralyzed lately (by all the aforementioned great blogs I’ve been reading). Your post was a wonderful dose of encouragement and a reminder to keep pursuing.

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