cultivating contentment (guest post!)

Maybe I’m a product of my generation. My parents, with hearts of love, constantly told me I could do anything. And really, truly, I believe it. To this day. I’m not alone in this either; so many of my peers were taught that and believe that.

Maybe I’m caught up in the hustle. I love juggling jobs, friends, family, community, blogging and oh-so much more. When I succeed, that thrill of work well done is undeniably delicious.

Nothing wrong with working hard and hoping for good fruit, I tell myself.

And yet.

And yet the crack becomes a canyon when we lose contentment . . . 

It is a privilege today to be guest posting over at the wonderful Jen Ferguson’s place, Finding Heaven Today. Please join me there as I share how God has been cultivating contentment in my heart. 

(And if you’re visiting from Jen’s blog today? Welcome! Please say hello and stick around for awhile!)


2 thoughts on “cultivating contentment (guest post!)

  1. Love your guest post! I can identify with those feelings of “I want it all, and I want it all NOW.” It’s hard to be patient when so many things are in transition. Thanks for your great reminder that we can cultivate contentment in the midst of chaos!

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