five minute friday: ache


Tummyache. Headache. Heartache.

Even in the midst of the most joyous of joys, there is a dull ache. An ache for what we crave, what we hope for, what we wish to be.

What is an ache? An ache signals that all isn’t well. An ache signals that all isn’t perfect. . . . an ache can be a wanting, a craving, a needing. A sense of absence.

Whether a deep ache or a dull ache, we feel intimately and genuinely when things aren’t as they ought to be. When promises are left unanswered. When we’ve tasted glory and wish for more.

Heartache? Soul ache.

We may ache . . .
. . for what is lost.
. . for what has been gained.
. . for what is unknown.
. . for that which is uncertain.

A dull ache, a dull roar, accompanied by tears that pierce as they descend down each cheek.

When we ache, we . . .
. . hurt.
. . crave.
. . desire.
. . cry.

Aching for expectations to cease and to be simply satisfied with what’s simply here and what’s simply ahead. No more, no less.

To ache is to be human, to know our humanity. Hallelujah, though, for feelings. Hallelujah, though, for aches. Hallelujah for something in our soul that feels. For emotions and for something, anything. For where there is an ache, there is a yearn.

I’ve linked up again this week with The Gypsy Mama and Five Minute Friday. The prompt this week was ache.


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