finish something friday: homemade stationery (guest post!)

Friends, I’m so excited to share something wonderful with you today! Such a privilege to feature the fabulous and creative Katie of Live Originally! As I move forward through this “finish something Friday” series, I lean on those who are exceptional at what they do. And when it comes to crafting, Katie is beyond compare.

Hello! I’m Katie, lover of all things pretty, blogger at LiveOriginally, and sorority sister to the fabulous Sarah. I’m so excited to be guest posting on Inspiration-Driven Life today, especially after Sarah’s great post on my blog yesterday!

One of Sarah’s 2012 goals is to send more love letters and more mail in general. As a stationary-obsessed individual, it’s a goal I fully support. 😉 She asked if I might be able to share a few simple DIY card ideas that anyone could whip up with supplies he or she likely has around the house so you too can send more love into the world!

If you have blank cards, cardstock or patterned paper and a few spare envelopes (and some scissors and glue or adhesive squares), you have everything you need! If you don’t have blank cards, you can cut your own from cardstock. A great size to start with is 4” x 5.5” when folded, but go with whatever your supplies allow. Trace your folded card onto one of your papers and cut. Pick a coordinating color or two and cut rectangles and circles in various sizes (trace the top of a can for a nice round circle), arrange, and paste!

You can add details with pens and markers and a greeting on the outside of each card as you make them, but I’d recommend leaving them blank, and adding messages and embellishments just before you send. This way you’ll always have a couple cards on hand no matter the occasion!

Check out a few layout ideas below made from a few pieces of cardstock and scrapbook paper.

Maybe all you have is printer paper – that works too! Format a simple black and white document in Word using squares (as a cutting guide), text boxes (with “No Fill” and “No Line” selected), and clip art if you find something you like. Add your name or monogram in the top center or lower right-hand corner and print – pastels or neon colors work well with black ink – for custom notecards.  If you can, paste your cut rectangles onto cardstock shapes that are a smidge larger – a different color border will add a little something extra and the additional layer will make the notecard more sturdy.  If you don’t have cardstock, double up the printer paper you have following the same method. These work great for quick messages and thank you notes!

Here are a couple examples I made for Sarah!

If you, like Sarah, want to send more mail and let all the people you love know that you’re thinking about them, DO IT! Start by thinking of three people you’d like to reach out to, grab your supplies, and start cutting and pasting with them in mind! It’s amazing what some glue, paper, and words can do!

If you would like to see more projects and pretty things, stop by my blog or find me on Pinterest and Twitter!

Thanks so much, Katie! Inspired by her ideas and guidance, I created a few cards of my own!

First things first: don’t use big globs of your school glue. Clearly, my glue skills have yet to mature past kindergartener-level. Case in point:

Sad face. Very sad face. Please use a higher-quality craft adhesive. Better results below, inspired by Katie’s neon suggestion.

My best attempt of all, however, came when I combined Katie’s templates with her cutting-and-pasting technique. It turned out so well, in fact, that I made myself a whole set!

And PS — Wondering who you ought to send these cards to? Check out my guest post on Live Originally yesterday for more information on a growing organization called More Love Letters.


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