practice to habit: day 30

Exactly 30 days ago, I began a scary experiment. I asked a simple question: what does it take to make a practice into a habit? More specifically, how might my faith change if I committed just 30 minutes a day for 30 days to reading the Bible?

I anticipated change. But I did not anticipate transformation. In God’s grace, my heart is being transformed. This experiment has been one of trust and one of humility.

Today, friends, I write to you humbled.

30 days isn’t much to most people. But because I have struggled with consistency in Bible studies, 30 days was daunting. And on Day 30, I am humbled because I just showed up and God worked. Reading the Bible — this love letter from Him to us — is powerful indeed.

Today, friends, I write to you empowered.

I’ve read through all of Matthew, 1 Peter and James. I’m halfway through Mark and a chapter into Hebrews. And I’ve also read one Psalm a day. All these Bible verses, familiar and unfamiliar, bring meaning to each day. Armed with these verses, I feel empowered and equipped to move through what life holds. Furthermore, I feel empowered and equipped to love and encourage those around me.

Today, friends, I write to you gratefully.

Your support is beyond compare. You’re sunshine on cloudy days, friends. Beautiful sunshine. Thank you for reading.

This experiment has been about more than waking up early. More than brewing a larger pot of coffee. More than opening a large book and skimming miscellaneous passages.

Really, this experiment has been about trust.

It’s trust in Christ, that He would guide me daily to just what I ought to learn. Trust that I’ll grow not on my timeline, but on His. Trust that my community would rally around me and support me in this. Trust that I would seize opportunities to rally around those I love and stretch my heart.

Our days are numbered, and we don’t know how many we have. And so we trust that in spite of obstacles and pain and trials and struggles, God is sovereign and present. This theme appears daily as I sink into the trenches of the Bible. This theme appears daily as I pray.

And the more of this I do, the more I realize how little I am and how big He is. This isn’t about me. None of this is.

In 30 days, this foundation of faith has strengthened. This practice is indeed a habit. 

I can’t say it enough: thank you. Thank you for reading and sharing. Thank you for your encouragement and your love. Please, share what you’ve been learning these days.

Linking up this week with Faith Barista. The prompt this week was, perfectly and appropriately, trust.


10 thoughts on “practice to habit: day 30

  1. I applaud your effort, and isn’t it wonderful how God rewards us when we give just a little? I am constantly finding that to be true in my life. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Sarah, it has been challenging and encouraging reading your post as you have faithfully kept to your commitment. So cool. I’m proud of you.

    I love that you’ve pointed out that it took trust. It truly does take trust to wake up each morning to the Word. You have to trust He’ll be there.

    Love it!

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