on the joy of smaller bouquets

Eleven days ago, I got a beautiful bouquet from Mr. S. for Valentine’s Day. Loved the flowers. A big, beautiful bouquet wins over many women, yes?

But I think I love these flowers more today.

Whenever I get fresh flowers, I stick them in one large vase. But as the flowers age, I find myself weeding out the dying ones and parceling out the thriving ones. Preserving them, you know.

And I think I love them more because they’re spread all around.

Carefully trimming each stem, I fill my bud vases with flowers and put one in every room of our house. Yes, there’s something to be said for small bouquets. These flowers become beauty spread, spread all around our house. And I like the big bouquet, but I love them this way. Little inspirations, little bursts of sun and light and joy, and it’s better when they are all over.

True of most joys in life, right? Worth sharing and spreading.


3 thoughts on “on the joy of smaller bouquets

  1. Wonderful end thought, lady. Beautiful.

    And on the shallower level, I do happen to love putting flowers in bud vases as well. Then your little bright spot is a lot of bright spots, everywhere!

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