best things i’ve read: week of 2.20.12

Every morning on Twitter, I share the best thing I’ve read that day. I read too much wonderful material to not share it, and I share it in hope that it will encourage and challenge you too. Follow me there: @sarahkoci

And if you’d rather take it in leisurely, this is the best of what I’ve read this week. Heck of a lot of Ann Voskamp, but she’s fantastic.

Monday: Renee Ronika Klug‘s This is how we met story, part of a series on Leigh Kramer’s blog. Renee writes beautifully about how she met her husband, and even more so on marriage. My favorite line: “A real marriage comprises two imperfect people reflecting what’s beautiful in the other.”

TuesdayWhat God means to make of your stress, by Ann Voskamp. A powerful and beautiful reminder that God means to make beauty, triumph and glory in the midst of our trials.

(Wednesday: Oops. Nada. Sorry, friends.)

Thursday: When no one’s watching, by Jeff Goins. “Make it matter or make it mediocre.” Compelling, encouraging. Bookmark this one for the days when you want to pull your hair out, screaming does-anyone-even-care-about-what-I’m-doing. And if you’re a writer, an artist, a creator of any kind, you have those days.

Friday: Where to find happiness, by Ann Voskamp. Makes me want to buy a horn. All about building joy, and if you read one thing this week, it ought to be this.

And you? What’s the best thing you read this week? Wrote this week?


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