practice to habit: day 21

Twenty-one days ago, I launched a project. I asked a simple question: what would my life look like if I made a once-in-a-while practice into a daily, intentional habit? Specifically, how differently would life look if I spent time each day, every day, reading the Bible and praying? Just 30 minutes a day, for just 30 days.

So here I am, friends. Day 21. In an effort not to overwhelm this blog with it, I’ve kept practice to habit on the DL. (Do people even say that anymore? DL? Downlow?) But in case you were curious, I’m still with it.

For the past 21 days, I’ve given myself generous grace. Sometimes (or all the time), I don’t wake up at the time I set my alarm. Sometimes, I read the Bible over my lunch or in the evening. What’s important is that I show up and see what I have to learn from it.

Like much that is good in life, it has required much effort . . . and yielded much reward.

If you’re curious . . .

I’ve wrapped up Matthew and moved into Mark.
I’ve wrapped up 1 Peter and moved into James.
I’m still reading a Psalm a day, corresponding with the day of the month I’m on.

Every day, without fail, I glean encouragement. I learn. I connect.

And you? Thanks for going on this journey with me. Would love to hear what you’re studying and what you’re learning.

PS — I’ll share more about this in a guest post (my FIRST guest post, friends, hooray!!) later this week. Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “practice to habit: day 21

    • Brittany, absolutely. I grow so much in these daily times that I feel differently when I miss them. Thanks for visiting, friend!

  1. Sarah, thanks so much for visiting me today. I hope you try the Baby Dutch pancakes – so delish! I love this project you’re doing. I hope you summarize after the 30 days about your experiences. I always feel so much better when I go through a time of reading the bible daily. Haven’t had a chance lately and, quite honestly, I feel it. No kidding.

    • Friend, I will absolutely try those pancakes soon! I’m feeling a breakfast-for-dinner night in the near future 🙂

      Glad you like this project! It has been quite a challenge, and I’m glad that I’m moving forward through it. Planning a few more updates throughout. Please stick around, because I’ll definitely be doing a re-cap.

      Thank you so much for visiting!

  2. Yay so glad you still going strong in your challenge. Like you, I’m finding that if I just show up, He’s there. 🙂 Sometimes that’s morning, lunch, or evening.

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