butt kicking and being fantastic

Through a freelance agreement, I traded some copywriting for some professional butt-kicking personal training. I’ve never participated in personal training, ever.

And in about 15 minutes, I’m about to have my first session. Panicking? A little. Playing Eye of the Tiger? Nonstop.

But thinking bigger than personal fitness . . . every close-to-awesome thing I’ve ever done in my life is the result of a whole lot of butt kicking.

Sometimes, caring friends and community have kicked my butt. Reminded me of what I’m striving for, where I’m headed, why my little piece is needed to complete this big old world puzzle.

Sometimes, I’ve kicked my own butt. Reminded myself, sometimes even preached to myself, of why I need to focus-focus-focus and make an impact and why what I do matters.

It can be a beautiful thing to need a good butt kicking to get something positive done. There’s no shame in that. There is no shame in requiring a little motivation to accomplish what’s good inside of us. To create, to make art, to make an impact, to get stuff done.

A little butt kicking, I think, keeps this world going around.
Reminding us of why we strive. Reminding us of why we focus, why we toil, why we work. Reminding us of our mission, our goal, the reason (bigger than ourselves) that we do what we do.

Happy Monday, friends. Go be fantastic.



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