best things i’ve read: week of 2.12.12

Every morning on Twitter, I share the best thing I’ve read that day. I read too much wonderful material to not share it, and I share it in hope that it will encourage and challenge you too. Follow me there: @sarahkoci

And if you’d rather take it in leisurely, this is the best of what I’ve read this week.

Monday: How long will your dream take to come true? by Jon Acuff. How long will your dream take? Longer than you think, Jon says. We’re “dangerously impatient” when it comes to our dreams. A solid reminder that dreams take work and dreams take time — and it’s worth it all.

(Tuesday I have nothing. I read plenty of fantastic material, don’t get me wrong. I just forgot to tweet about it. Oops.)

Wednesday: Make Art, by Stephanie Bryant. The most important part of making art, Stephanie says, is killing the fear that keeps us from creating.

Thursday: Consider it joy, by Katie Fletcher. A thoughtful, poetic reflection on what it means to really consider our trials pure joy. It’s a challenge to do so, and Katie finds the beauty in that challenge.

Friday: The Bullseye of the Gospel, by Justin Holcomb for the Resurgence. We are so weary and heavy-laden indeed, and Christ, in His goodness, offers us the best rest. Grace never ceases to be amazing, yes?

How about you? Best thing you’ve read this week? Or maybe the best thing you wrote this week? Would love to take a look! Share it in the comments. 

PS – Last week, Jennifer of This Gal’s Journey shared a beautiful moment and realization about joy in Christ. Take a look!



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