practice to habit: days five, six and seven

You know when people say they can feel the weather in their bones? They know when storms are coming just by the feeling in their bodies. For some people, this is normal. But it is not normal for me. I think it is a remarkable phenomenon.

If today is February 7 and I started this crazy practice to habit project on February 1 . . . that means I’ve been doing this for a week.

I’m not going to pat myself on the back about it, because this is so not about me. The snooze button, I regretfully report, is still my BFF. I am not not not a morning person. But after I wake the heck up, I am so glad I did.

Especially this morning, I felt like God laid more prayer requests on my heart than usual. Some friends near and far are facing some tough trials. Let’s be real, don’t you wish FedEx sent hugs? I spent much of my time this morning in prayer for those friends who need it. Especially for my friends outside of bring-a-casserole distance, I feel this pull to bring their struggles to Someone who can handle them far better than I can.

I wish I had a moving revelation. I wish I could report how life is totally changing and this is different and that is different and life has looks dramatically unlike it used to. And stunning this is not, but I do feel a storm of sorts on its way. A storm of excitement towards the Gospel. A storm of faith. A storm of life.

Hey, friends, we’re one week in. Are you still with me? What are you studying? Would love to hear what you’re learning and how you’re growing. And maybe, if you want to share it, how can I pray for you these days? Grateful that you’re with me on this journey.


4 thoughts on “practice to habit: days five, six and seven

  1. First, I’m absolutely with you…so not a morning person. I’ve actually been doing my Scripture reading mostly in the evening because it just seems to work better for me. Second, yes I SO wish FedEx sent hugs! Third, as much as big revelations from Scripture and time with the Lord are awesome, I have come to deeply appreciate the not so stunning moments because it reminds me that even when I don’t “feel” a certain way, I still KNOW His truth and can trust His promises.

    • Emily, thank you! You are so right that even the less-than-stunning moments can carry such weight. God is still God, when I’m “feeling” it and when I’m not.

    • No, the day is NOT over! And the time doesn’t matter. It’s the connection with Christ that does. Keep on going, friend!

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