saturday evening blog post: january 2012

It’s the first Saturday of the month, and I’m delighted to link up with the Saturday Evening Blog Post with Elizabeth Esther. This month, we’re sharing our favorite blog posts from January 2012.

My favorite — and most well-received — post: Why we need to share what marriage really looks like. By keeping our marriages to ourselves, I believe we’re doing our communities quite a disservice. There’s strength in vulnerability, in honesty and in sharing real life.

In writing it, I made a private cry a public one, and found love on the other side. Friends, I am humbled. I shared a struggle and a bold idea and you met me there. Writing this blog has become a daily joy.

I am rediscovering my voice as a writer and treasuring every moment of it. If you started reading Inspiration-Driven Life in January, welcome, please stick around and thank you.


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