practice to habit: day three & day four

Friends, this Practice to Habit experience is humbling me. Today, I spent time in the word and in prayer at 6:50.

6:50 in the evening. That’s 12 hours later than I wanted to do it.

Just when I’m feeling on-top-of-my-game awesome, I drop the ball. My nature? To torment myself about it. To tell myself lies. So I’m going to take a big, big step here. I’m going to celebrate the fact that I showed up and that I did it anyway.

Matthew 6 connected with me on Day Three, where we’re called not to be anxious. Called not to be anxious, it could have said, even when you completely drop the ball.

On Day Four, I was reminded of the purpose behind this whole thing: building a firm foundation. In Matthew 7, Christ tells the story of the wise man who build his house on the rock. Neither wind nor flood nor rain destroyed it. In the same way, that house-on-a-rock is our faith, our lives, our souls, when steeped in the word.

And so I keep showing up and growing this foundation. Wind and flood and rain has come, is here and will come again. This house may wobble, but with God’s grace, fall it will not.

Are you on this journey with me? It’s never too late. Start today if you’d like! What are you learning as you build your foundation?


6 thoughts on “practice to habit: day three & day four

  1. Sarah, yesterday I kept saying I needed to read and pray and the day got away from me and I didn’t do it at all. I couldn’t even do it for 3 days in a row. But. I’m praying in the Spirit. And. The words I read the previous days are still with me. It’s 10:54 right now and I’m just cracking open the Word. Be encouraged so you can encourage others!! Give yourself the grace I KNOW you will give to me.

    • Tammy, you’re too awesome. We are sometimes so free with grace to others and so tight-fisted with grace to ourselves! So glad you are here, friend.

  2. Sarah – I always find it hard to read my Bible, especially in the morning. Read it when it works for you. Are you happier reading it at night? Don’t focus on what time you’re reading the Word, focus on the action. I love reading with “Young Concordance,” you may too! I think you’ll be blessed no what what!

    • Marci! Thank you, friend, for visiting! I haven’t heard of Young’s Concordance, but it looks wonderful. I’ll have to check it out.

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