best things i’ve read, week of 1.30.12

Every morning on Twitter, I share the best thing I’ve read that day. I read too much wonderful material to not share it, and I share it in hope that it will encourage and challenge you too. Follow me there: @sarahkoci

And if you’d rather take it in leisurely, this is the best of what I’ve read this week. Maybe you can read these blogs in between Super Bowl commercials tomorrow.

Monday: When, by Kristina Petrella at Hitherto & Henceforth. Sometimes we are what’s standing in the way of our success, she writes. Scary — and powerful.

Tuesday: The Naked Face Project, by Caitlin Boyle at Healthy Tipping Point. Caitlin, along with Molly Barker, are launching a brave campaign to “live in our own space of authentic beauty and be more intentional in our actions.” I admire their steps away from what the world considers required for beauty — makeup, shaving, primping, etc. Excited to follow them on this journey.

Wednesday: Who’s Dancing with you? by Laura Crosby. Community, Laura says, is at its best when we’re not afraid to be vulnerable.

Thursday: My Secret Ambition, by Kathryn Fletcher. Kathryn shares beautiful words about the fear in sharing what we truly want to do. And maybe our secret ambitions shouldn’t be so secret anymore. Maybe it’s time to share our ambitions and live them out.

Friday: The One, by Bianca Olthoff. We need to tell our stories, Bianca convictingly reminds us, because they can impact the lives of those around us. Worth telling, even for just one.

And one more . . . Rightsizing Your Passion, by the brilliant Seth Godin. In his words, “If you’re short on passion, it might be because your goals are too small or the fear is too big.”

What’s the best thing you’ve read this week? Also, what should I be reading in the week ahead?


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