finish something friday: crayon art

I’ve been writing a lot about habits this week. Today, I’d like to talk about a different kind of habit.

I always wince when I hear the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It hits a little too close to home. Literally, a little too close to our home.

Creative, I am. Crafty, I am not. I’ve dabbled in so many craft-tacular areas and stumbled away from all of them. Stationery, art, sewing, knitting, crocheting, decorating, you name it. It happens time and time again. I get a fantastic-amazing-life-changing craft idea and dash out to Michael’s/Hobby Lobby/JoAnne’s and get the supplies and get so crazy excited about what I’m going to make. But the problem happens: I don’t finish the craft. And Pinterest, bless its addicting heart, has only made things worse.

I, friends, am a habitual craft starter, and rarely a craft finisher. What gets in the way? So many things. Distraction. The busy-ness of life. Confusion and not actually knowing what I’m doing. Missing a craft supply or two. Boredom. I could go on. But the excuse doesn’t matter. The point is, I have more than a few crafts I’d like to finish.

I want to live in a house not full of failed attempts and half-finished stuff. I want to be surrounded by things well done, not by excuses-excuses-excuses. It’s the little things, really, that can make this life good, yes? And if I start this finish-well trend in small, manageable ways (read: crafting), it just might teach me some good lessons in other areas of life. 

I’ll wrap up a few crafts on my own, but most will be completed through community. Between real life and the blogosphere, I have quite a few craft-inclined friends. These talented friends can really rock a craft, and will help me get 100% of the way there, not my habitual 78%. There is beauty, I’m learning, in vulnerability, in trust and in asking for help.

For my first Finish Something Friday, I’m making a little magic happen with some crayons and a glue gun and my hairdryer. Considering some of the crayons are over 25 years old (!), this craft has been waiting on completion the longest. Over the holidays, I sorted through quite the crayon collection at my parents’ house and filled a gallon-sized ziploc bag with the ones I wanted.

I have a few canvases leftover from other projects. And my hot glue gun? Well that, friends, is brand-spanking-new. The first time I ever used a hot glue gun was as a little Brownie Girl Scout. Magical, I tell you. Magical! And not even expensive. Had I known that one could be mine in exchange for just a little Tooth Fairy cash, I would have bought one two decades ago. I dumped out all the crayons on the floor. After I decided on a color scheme — reds, yellows and oranges — I selected the crayons I wanted to use.

I lined them up and glued them down. The next day, I traded the glue gun for the hair dryer. Set on high heat and high power, I melted those crayons and created some art. (Probably shouldn’t use something hot enough to melt wax on my hair every day . . . but that’s a different post.)

Final product: gorgeous!

Maybe hanging vertically, maybe horizontally. Have yet to decide.

What can you finish today? Or this weekend?


6 thoughts on “finish something friday: crayon art

  1. I saw that on pinterest but for some reason didn’t think to narrow down the crayon colors. It looks great! I just got a new hair dryer that is so hot it melted my brush (pretty scary, actually) so now you have me inspired. I probably should finish the several crafts I have started first though…

    • Thanks, Alison! I discovered that many of the colors blended, so picking a color family was a good idea. And YES, in the interest of Finish Something Friday, wrap up the ones you’ve started first 🙂

    • Oh friend, thank you! It was crazy fun… felt a little like splatter painting with crayon wax. I will definitely be doing another craft like this soon.

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