why we celebrate: his dinner for me

We’re spending all of January celebrating our anniversary. Marriage is hard and oh so good. We’re trying to create some fun traditions and special memories and spend time together. Not just time spent staring at the same TV screen, but time in community and building our connection. On January 1, I made a special dinner for Mr. S. And on January 13, he made a special dinner for me.

We began the meal with a delightful appetizer. Based on this recipe, it was toast, with mustard, prosciutto, a chunk of creamy gouda and a slice of a green apple. (I think if Gruyere and Cheddar got married and had a baby, it would be the joy that is Gouda.) Carmelized red onions soaked in apple cider vinegar were sprinkled on top.

For our main dish, Mr. S. made wonderful chicken and dumplings. Perfect for winter, it was warm and savory and everything chicken and dumplings ought to be. That big stock pot has certainly gotten its exercise this season. We ate chicken and dumplings for the next few nights . . . a gift, really.

dumpling dough

Our dessert: gooey butter cake. Perfectly titled, it’s gooey and buttery and sugar-laden. It is fantastic alongside a mug of coffee. I really can’t get over it.

The food was delicious, and Mr. S. created quite the menu. But really, it was bigger than the food. It was about celebrating. We struggle and we work and we celebrate in the middle of it all.


8 thoughts on “why we celebrate: his dinner for me

    • Hey, Alison, thank you so much for sharing that article. Such truth there! I’d love to read Tim Keller’s book on marriage and have heard wonderful things about it.

      While we’re on the subject . . . what are some of the best marriage books you’ve read?

  1. hi Sarah,

    popping over from the comment you left on my blog…i left you a reply there. please feel free to read there anytime!

    this is a beautiful picture of the celebration of your marriage. what a precious bond you two have. this is the thing.

    blessings in Christ’s love,


  2. I love it when traditions are started and looked forward to year after year. I think you and your husband’s intentionality is so, so good.

    • Thank you, Jen! We have not always been the best about intentionality — it’s a recent growth spurt! — but doing our best, day by day.

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