best things i’ve read, week of 1.15.12

Hey friends! A day late on this collection. Life got the better of me. But, perfect for some Sunday afternoon reading, maybe?

Every morning on Twitter, I share the best thing I’ve read that day. I read too much wonderful material to not share it, and I share in hopes that it will challenge and encourage you too. Follow me there —@SarahKoci.

And if you’d rather take it in leisurely, this is the best of what I’ve read this week. If you’re like me, in the oh-so-snowy Midwest, I recommend you read this with a big steaming latte. (And if you’re somewhere warm, drink a big, icy frozen something for me!)

Monday: Straight Up, by Seth Godin. A well-curated collection of some of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most inspiring and thought-provoking statements. The man truly changed the course of history.

Tuesday: What’s the answer to anxiety?, by Ann Voskamp. Boldly, beautifully, truly, “the answer to anxiety is the adoration of Christ.”

Wednesday: In support of margins, by Sashes to the Merchants. Poetically stated, such a key reminder that our work needs to be put back where it belongs — second to Christ, and not first.

Thursday: The kind of faith that can change your life, by Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. I am, as Emily writes, “desperately in need of a source outside of myself.”

Friday: The difference between ‘right’ and ‘perfect,’ by Kristin Tennant at Halfway to Normal. How easily we forget that there is a big difference between what is right and what is perfect, but sometimes right is the better of the two.

And one more . . . I’m relatively new to blogging and trying to get better at it every day. So I found such inspiration and great lessons in the Mini Alt Week series by vmac+cheese. It’s such a well-curated collection of ideas, and I enjoyed reading each day.

What’s the best thing you’ve read this week?


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