what one week of #commit2write has taught me

One week in. How am I doing with the Commit2Write challenge?

To recap: it’s a challenge to write 300+ words, four times a week, every week. I signed on to better myself as a writer, as well as to get back into the craft I love.

This past week, I tackled three blog posts of over 300 words. One week down and 51 to go, I say.

I wish I could say the challenge has taught me so much about writing. But really, I’m re-learning lessons I know I learned so long ago:

1. Half of writing is just showing up. The end product can only be created if I set aside time to do it.

2. Write about what you know. The topics I’ve written about are ones I know intimately and feel comfortable writing about creatively.

3. Focus, focus, focus. Distractions are hard to avoid, but I’m a better writer when I fight for clarity. I sign out of Twitter and Facebook and my dearly beloved Gmail and Gchat. I usually write when Mr. S. isn’t home, so I’m not tempted to “test” my material on him. Sometimes I have a little music in the background, but I like to keep things calm otherwise.

I’m excited to learn more and write more and grow more.


6 thoughts on “what one week of #commit2write has taught me

    • Thanks, Kristina, for visiting this blog and for your kind words! I’m loving #commit2write so far, and excited to get engaged in the community.

  1. Yes!! This is so true for me! I usually do my best writing when hubs is out of the house and the tiny humans are sleeping! But, I must force myself not to watch that episode of Friends for the millionth time and write. Because it feeds my soul.

    • Jennifer, yes! What is it about Friends that makes me always watch the re-runs, even though I know exactly what’s going to happen? Great point you make: writing does indeed feed our souls. (Thanks so much for visiting! Excited to visit your blog too!)

  2. Showing up is my greatest struggle… I’ve really enjoyed “free-writing” this week as I’m getting back into the groove of writing regularly. I’ve taken a topic or word and just gone to town on it… such a great exercise and it’s become the starting point for quite a few blog posts of substance, too!

    • Good idea, Ashley! I also love “free-writing” and find that I usually have much more to say than I thought I would! It feels good to get back into regular writing.

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