five minute friday: Roar


Get attention. Shout. Proclaim. Announce it, however you do it.

We clamor, compete, kill for attention. We roar at every opportunity. 

We roar on social media, in our emails, on our cell phones, our laptops. We roar in person, with expressions, with words, with writing. We roar with an eye roll, a wink, a frown, a smile, a scowl. We roar with marketing, with billboards, with ads ads ads.

We roar quietly, in our souls – and loudly, in our souls. We roar with anger, with joy, with pride, with embarrassment. With fortitude and strength and weakness and faltering faith. We roar with understanding and comprehension and confusion and mixed-up messages.

To roar is to pronounce. And as I close my eyes, I wonder sometimes if what I’ve roared was really worth that roar. Was it worth all that power, all that echoing, all that shouting? Might it have been better whispered, better just stated, better just nudged?

Roar when we must. Boldly roar when those listening must hear it. But to roar is a privilege, I have to remind myself. To roar is a privilege, one best not wasted. I have to remind myself to listen and reflect and ask questions, questions, questions. I don’t always have the answers.

And not every answer is worth roaring.

I’ve linked up today with The Gypsy Mama and Five Minute Friday. The prompt this week was roar.

11 thoughts on “five minute friday: Roar

    • It’s always a journey en route to our voice — not always easy, but always beautiful. Thanks for visiting, Barbara!

    • Yes! Really, I do love the sound of my own roar . . . which makes it harder to decipher which roars are worth roaring. Sigh. Part of the faith journey, yes?

  1. Sarah, I love this! I think He is found equally in the still, quiet whisper as in the loud roar, and I think part of the goal of our lives should be to figure out which is appropriate when. Sometimes He calls us to simply be still and know He is God.

    • Be still. Yes, how often I forget that! I seek him in the doing, the reading, the moving, the shaking — rarely in the being. Hoping to gro towards the “being” in 2012, yes? (Thanks for visiting!)

      • Yes, indeed! My word for the year is actually present, and I think being present in the moment often requires a stillness of heart, stillness of body, stillness of mind.

  2. Thank you for this insightful post. I am only now learning the skill of not roaring my every conviction (especially inside close relationships) but rather waiting silently, praying, and speaking softly. Timing in your roar can make all the difference too. Again, thanks for sharing!

    • Wise words, Sarah. Timing our roars is so important, and really can influence how the roar is — or is not — heard. Really great perspective! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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