one word 2012: connect

When I moved, just about a year ago, it wasn’t homesickness I felt. I mourned the loss of favorite restaurants and glorious art galleries and neighborhoods and tall buildings and markets, sure. But what I was truly mourning was the loss of people. In an instant, I left a job, a church, friends, community, neighbors, organizations. When among allies, I thrive. When surrounded, I flourish.

In 2011, I was graced with friendships continued and friendships built. Casualties occurred along the way — some of which I’m desperately trying to reconstruct, others of which I’ll desperately try to reconstruct in the future. A few may, sadly, remain casualties.

Over the year, I found new organizations, new jobs, new friends, new places to call home. New relationships.

2012, like every year, will have its share of transitions. I anticipate some transitions may be simple; some may be far more challenging and dramatic and demanding. In everything, I want to seek connection. My word for 2012 is connect.

Connection is a word easily overused. Social media caused some of it: connect with me on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+, on Pinterest, on the tech du jour. Social media has firmly enhanced our ability to establish and grow relationships. But it’s a poor substitute for connections that are genuine.

Just as much as it’s easily overused, connection is also easily lost. Static on the other line — oops, sorry, we must have a bad connection. Bad reception. Call you back. Or when flying, just a minute too late and we missed our connection. Or explain it again, I don’t understand, there must be a disconnect.

In 2012, I pray for the strength to keep connections strong, seek out new connections, invest in less-than-stable connections.

I want to invest in my connection with Mr. S. Our marriage matters. Our connection matters. It’s a privilege for us to be in love, and how easily I forget that.

Furthermore, I hope to connect with myself. To take care of me and my soul and my body and my mind. I waver between selfish and careless; in connecting with myself, I hope to settle into a healthy middle ground.

With grace, I pray for connection with God. I pray for it in community, in relationships, in our world, in my heart. Connecting through reading the Gospel, connecting through friends-turned-family, connecting through prayer. Intentional connection. By His grace, He’s connected with me, with you, with us. One aspect of this connection that’s so beautiful is how it wasn’t built by us, but for us. No glory to us, but all glory to Him. How quickly I forget it and discount myself and Him and that beautiful connection. I want to explore this connection in 2012.

We’re called to connect with others in love, to befriend both the lost and found, to prioritize important connections.

I want to relegate the hustle and bustle back to where it belongs. Trivial connections put in their place, to make time and make space for the active connecting that matters.

In 2012, I crave real, healthy, heart-and-soul connections. Where joy can be cherished and sorrow can be shared. Where bridges are built and I get to know hearts and minds and souls and people.

Linking up in two places today. First, with Bonnie at Faith Barista, answering “What’s your one word for 2012?”

Next, I’m linking with the One Word 365 community.

So much love and big thanks to both for the inspiration.

12 thoughts on “one word 2012: connect

  1. Hi, Sarah! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. It looks like we have a lot in common with our resolutions, our writing…and our ties to Kansas City and Chicago (I grew up in Overland Park and now live in Chicago). Hope to keep in touch!

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  3. such a great word, sarah.

    i’ve been thinking about this lately – not necessarily about ‘connectedness’ per se, but that is ultimately what it boils down to. and there have been casualties along the way over the last few years and i didn’t realize, although i should have, until i read this post that casualties happen. sometimes necessary, sometimes unfortunate.

    i know that’s not the point of this post, but i didn’t know i needed to understand that til i read it here.

    and i love how you’ve purposed to connect, and your outline of making it so.

    looking forward to connecting with you more in 2012! 🙂


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