I’ve been the queen of never-gonna-happen New Year’s resolutions in the past. Lose a zillion pounds. Read the entire Bible in like 30 minutes. Grow my business 1,000%. Network with every single person in the Midwest, plus New York and LA. Read every book on my Must Read list, plus a dozen more. Exercise twice a day, every day.

(Okay, so maybe not.) Although most of my resolutions have been a bit more realistic than those, they just haven’t been attainable. There’s a good reason why I quit most of them by January 31 at the latest.

This year’s resolution is a challenge, but a good one. And it’s attainable.

Write every friend a birthday card.

birthday cards, so far

So far, so good: I’ve written to those with birthdays through January 15. I’ll be mailing them out little by little.

Why? Because I want this year to be about connection. Real, genuine connection with people I care about. Some who I know well and think about every day. Others are new friends who I want to get to know better. Some are professional contacts, but let’s be real, they’re more than that. Many are family, and one more Hello! would be welcomed.

I’m looking forward to real connections being built and real connections being strengthened through these cards. Can’t wait to sign them all with love.




3 thoughts on “resolution

  1. This is a lovely resolution. I used to do this – and make the cards myself – but decided the past few years to cut myself some slack and take it off the priority list. I like the idea of starting it up again though because connection is so important in our busy lives and this is such a meaningful way to connect.

    • Alison, love that you used to make the cards yourself! I make a few on my own, but most are store-bought. I’ll have to add that to my someday-crafts list.

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