I work at a museum. Try as we might to reach out to the younger crowd, we have quite a representation from those in their golden years. Sometimes they’re grumpy, but I find most of them delightful.

Every so often, one passes away.

I got an email from our director this morning, requesting that I update the records of two who had passed. The subject line: Deceased. Records should reflect the widows’ names, the email said. Simply put. Plainly stated.

I don’t know those who passed personally. Yet that doesn’t remove meaning from their life. I know nothing of how they lived their life, but because it was a life lived, it carries value. They carry value.

And, even in the trivialities of an email, I find a powerful reminder: we are called to cherish life. Called to celebrate our lives and the lives of those we love, called to live life fully, called to live life gratefully.


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