on fighting the good fight

I used to work at a high school. When students didn’t show up, and no one called to say why, we would call to figure it out. Sick? Lost? Just didn’t show up?

This is me, reporting my absence. The truth is . . . I’ve felt pretty stumped these days. Like all-that-is-Eeyore descended on my work and my outlook on my work and my ability to do work. So I’ve kept off this little corner of the web and halted the work in hopes that my creative vigor would return soon and writing would feel less like work soon.

But maybe that’s part of the problem. Sometimes, I forget that creative work . . . writing work, relationship-building work, storytelling work, thinking-outside-the-box work . . . is still work.

And we sometimes forget that there is creativity in so many parts of life . . .
in marriage
in work
in cooking
in rebuilding bridges
in identifying our calling
in education
in sex
in friendship
in jobs (and out of jobs)
. . in everything we pursue.

So this video refreshed me and reminded me that when there is a fight to be fought, there is still a beauty to be found in it. Even when the work we do doesn’t turn out just the way we had hoped, it’s work and it’s good work. The simple act of doing the work can be profound.

The beauty is in showing up, in making big plans, in getting things done, perfect or not. The beauty is in sowing and sowing, no matter what I think the fruit will taste like.

So, friends, here’s to showing up. Here’s to doing things when they’re pretty and doing things when they’re ugly. Because that is what it means to live fully and honor what it means to create and, greater still, to have been created.


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