Apple pie

If you read blogs — more specifically, food blogs — you’ve probably heard about the peanut butter pies. If you haven’t, read about them here:

I love cooking and I’ve loved it even more this season in my life. There’s a certain service behind cooking, a certain treasured experience. I love cooking. But I love those I cook for so much more. When Jennie lost her husband Mikey, my heart cried for her. It’s that collective loss. If you have people you love, then your heart has to jump even a bit at the thought of losing one of them.

For the weeks following her loss, I’ve followed Jennie on Twitter. My eyes have become bleary at how she’s coping with an unexpected tragedy. And, at the same time, I’ve cherished her bravery. I didn’t bake a peanut butter pie, but I baked an apple pie with peanut butter sentiment behind it. Peanut butter pie was Mikey’s favorite, and Jennie wished she had made it more. (Apple pie is Mr. S.’s favorite.)

Reluctantly, I have to tell you that I don’t have a picture of it. This isn’t a food blog (for now, anyway). It’s a life blog. And cooking is one way I serve those I love . . .


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