for when everything is blurry

You know when you’re just not seeing clearly? Everything is distorted. Your perspective is off. What was once sharp and clear and glorious and captivating . . . it’s maybe lackluster at best.

After several days of itchy/red/blearly/stinging eyes, I knew it had to be more than just allergies. That, and everything I saw through my left eye was fuzzy. I’ve had glasses since first grade and contacts since eighth, so vision has never been my strongest sense. But still, fuzzy vision is no joke. So I visited my eye doctor.

Diagnosis: Contact overwear.
Reaction: Totally flabbergasted. That’s it? Contact overwear?

The contacts I must have worn for too long.

Five days later, thanks to a prescription for fancy-shmancy eye drops, the stinging is gone. But my vision is still off. What I see out of my left eye is completely different than what I see out of my right eye.

And although it’s temporary, it’s a totally different perspective.

It’s the first time my vision has been off. But it’s not the first time things have been blurry. Funny how a fuzzy perspective distorts things.

Things get busy at work and our to-do list never ends. The big picture is lost and we’re putting in overtime and what was once a craft is now a chore.

How many times is our vision fuzzy simply because we’ve been staring at something too long? Because maybe it’s contact overwear and maybe it’s passion overdrive and maybe it’s something altogether different, but the symptoms are the same.

Put your heart to rest and your hands to work. Don’t give up. 

Fight the good fight, even when that little voice in your head tells you you’re no good. Even when everything is crazy blurred and what you can see looks like you made the wrong choice and what you can see looks like you’ll never live up to anything. Fight for your passion and fight for passion itself. Fight for what was once clear and will be clear again someday.

Show up. Do quality work. Even if your vision will change upon losing its fuzziness, you can’t jump if you have no springboard beneath you. Build a platform of good: good work, good friendship, good love, good service, good whatever-it-is-you-do. It’s okay to dream of crisp, clear days ahead. But don’t lose what’s in front of you today.

Seek joy in what you can see, blurry as it may be, mundane as it may seem. Remember that what you do can be an act of worship not because of what it is, but because of how you do it . . . even if you can’t see the whole picture clearly.

Now excuse me — it’s time for those eye drops.


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