New school year

This is the first fall in over 20 years that I’m not going back to school.

Preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college. And then I worked in the Development department of a school after college, so I still got to bask in the glow of a new school year.

No more excuses for new school supplies.

some of my school supplies -- circa not this school year.

There’s this promise that the new school year holds. A promise of potential, learning and a future. A promise of better days ahead, of growth and the beauty of new-ness. A promise of new teachers and new friends and new connections.

I miss it.

I don’t miss exams and I sure as anything don’t miss math. But the rest of it? Yeah, I’m missing that today.

Mr. S. went off to grad school this morning. It’s his second year, and much of the shiny new-ness and promise of it all has disappeared. But he still got some new binders and new pencils. And there’s a glimmer of hope in a new year too.

I’m not a student, but I want to capitalize on that glimmer of hope in my own life. How do we capitalize on it if we’re not in it? How do we capture that excitement and make it part of our day, every day? Perhaps more importantly, how do we bring that thrill into what can be a monotony of a life?

Maybe it’s not the time of year that makes things exciting. Maybe it’s the new things and the new relationships themselves that brought such excitement. Maybe it’s just in keeping the faith. Keeping the faith that the future holds much promise and that we hold much promise and that joy can be found in the everyday.Ā 

And maybe it’s in buying some new mechanical pencils too. It is the start of a new year, after all.


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