discontinuing “Women in Business”

I’m on the email list for our community’s Chamber of Commerce. I usually skim through the emails and move them to the trash. But my eyes stuck on a little headline buried at the bottom of yesterday’s edition.

“A Fond Farewell to ‘Women in Business.'” Really.

The email continued, saying that women now make up half the workforce, according to the US Department of Labor. “During the time of this program, we have seen a huge surge of women in the workplace and of organizations that support women and their career paths,” the email went on to say. Eliminating this program would make way for others, the email mentioned. And the new program debuting soon will focus on small businesses, which is a growing and program-worthy sector.

At the same time, I can’t simply look past it. We’re blessed to live in a world where programs like these can be safely discontinued.

I’ve faced little, if any, disrespect in the workplace because of my gender. If I’m overlooked for an opportunity, I can confidently say it won’t be because I’m a woman. I work to prove myself as a professional, not just as a female. And I love that I can simultaneously be a good wife and a good worker.

Yes, there are gestures I wouldn’t get if I were a man. My age may not be second-guessed as much. I wouldn’t get the “oh, sweetheart,” or the “oh, honey” as often as I do. But seriously? I can live with that.

It’s still an imperfect world. Women’s rights and women’s issues should by no means be tabled. It’s not finished yet. At the same time, we can certainly take a deep breath and be grateful for what we do have.


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