introducing Bringing Good Together

Although I’m passionate about communications in any form it takes, I’m especially passionate about nonprofit communications. I love fundraising, PR, development, writing — any way that the organization connects to its stakeholders.

So that’s why I couldn’t be more psyched to introduce you to another place where I’ll be blogging: Bringing Good Together.

Bringing Good Together

Bringing Good Together (or BGT, as we’ve lovingly nicknamed it) is a blog about the nonprofit world and the positive things in our communities and in our world. It is our hope that BGT will not only serve as a place for us to share what inspires us, but to learn what inspires people throughout that world.

It’s a joint venture with stellar nonprofit pro (and ah-mazing friend) Erin Ash. We walk to the beat of the same drummer on so many levels, and its always a beautiful thing when our passions intersect.

I’m blogging over there today in a joint post with Erin that presents some good news in the world. Today’s news is saturated with that ever-spiraling stock exchange, so I think it’s safe to say that we can all use a little levity in what we’re reading.

Some of what we write will be geared toward fellow nonprofit pros. But if you care about your community and the groups that are coming together to strengthen it, we think you’ll like BGT.



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